The Growth Promoting Communication of Carl Rogers and Marshall Rosenberg

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Devoted to understanding and developing
listening as a path to personal growth
and to creating growth-promoting relationships

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Welcome to our new web site. You may have been directed here from our old web site, and if so please update your bookmarks to our new domain name If you have a site where you are currently linking to our old site, it's very easy to modify your links, you can get info on how to do that by clicking here.

We also still have our German mirror site,, and that site will continue to have pages in multiple languages, but during the transition period both sites will have the same content, both the English and foreign language pages.

The Listening Way is an evolution and refinement from what we presented on about Growth Promoting Communication and Growth Promoting Relationships.

This site will continue to have a focus on the practical applications of listening - as a way to communicate deeply and effectively of course, but also as a way to develop close personal connections, and connections from which a deeper understanding of ourselves and the other flows - in other words for both the listener and the listenee (the one being listened to). Much of what you will find here comes from an integration of the discoveries of Carl Rogers, Eugene Gendlin and Marshall Rosenberg, but the ListeningWay will present new discoveries and new training methods which bring together the works of these dedicated and insightful men.

But as I said, we definitely focus on the practical use of the discoveries about communication, and so, if desired, the materials here can be used just to improve ones communication and conflict resolution skills. So for example you can immediately jump to a short tutorial on Marshall Rosenberg's Compassionate Communication - also called Non-Violent Communication, or NVC, by clicking here.

But we hope many will be intrigued by the growth-promoting aspects of highly skilled listening. There has been some important new research on on these topics which we will also present here. For anyone who is interested in the growth-promoting aspects, these pages will detail the methods and skills needed to listen in a way which can cause remarkable shifts within the listenee (the person being listened to), AS WELL AS THE LISTENER. Yes, this is a key aspect that needs to be emphasized - that skilled listening results in growth within the listener as well as the person being listened to. This is quite a profound phenomena. It might even be possible to say that developing highly refined listening skills could be persued for just totally selfish reasons - in other words, excellent listening produces such valuable benefits in the listener himself/herself, that one might wish to learn these skills just for the personal gain one would receive - it can be that rewarding!

So welcome to our new site,, and I'll be delighted to hear from visitors about any sucessess, failures, struggles or suggestions about applying what we present here - it will help to make this site clear, complete and useful to all who visit.


Jon Russell